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Cheap International Flights to Vietnam- Best Airfares to Asia

Sightseeing in Vietnam

Sightseeing in Vietnam Vietnam is full of natural treasures. This Southeast Asian country has many different climates and remarkable landscapes. Get your cheap tickets and then decide what you’d like to explore; maybe you want to view the lush green rice fields in Northern Vietnam or see where the Mekong Delta meets the ocean in the south. This rapidly changing nation has ancient traditions and temples that are rich with history. There’s no shortage of sights to see in the beauty of Vietnam.

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The Street Food of Asia

Enjoying Food in AsiaOne of the best parts of traveling to Asia is experiencing exotic new cuisines. But you don’t need to get reservations at a fancy restaurant to try authentic food. In Asia, street food is king. Meals off the cart are delicious and give tourists an opportunity to eat like a local. It’s in the quiet alleys and bustling streets where you’ll discover the unforgettable flavors of Asia. Below highlights some of the best street carts and food to look for in your travels.

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Traveling to Vietnam and Ha Long Bay

For vacationers traveling to Vietnam, one of the most stunning sights is in the northeast of the country as hundreds of islands capped with jungle vegetation rise up from Ha Long Bay. One of the most popular sites in the country, there are a number of locations worth checking out in and around the area. However, people able to get cheap international flights from Asiana Airlines or other carriers may also have money left over to travel to Cat Ba Island at the fringes of the Bay and nearby museums in Hanoi.

Ha Long Bay Attractions

The limestone crests that create the thousands of islands contain unique flora and fauna due to the unique climate and water temperature caused by the geological changes over time. Many people explore the bay via a number of cruises that cater to tourists. While less common, a peaceful way to enjoy the area is to rent a boat and spend an evening in the area while exploring the inlets and geological diversity at their own pace.

The sheer number of islets, about 1,600, also afford travelers the opportunity to take in caves and natural grottoes like Dau Go Cave with stalactites and stalagmites, as well as Dong Thien Cung. Those who take their own boats or find tour operators willing to go a bit out of their way will be able to find caverns that see fewer visitors over the course of the year.

In addition to the caves and tourist spots, many Vietnamese make their living in the bay through fishing, meaning that the local seafood cuisine is a must-try at many of the floating eateries that dot the 600-square-mile bay. No matter where travelers stop, the vistas during a meal stand out.

Cat Ba Island

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