Overseas Travel with Children

Cheap flights to South Korea from Philadelphia and New York have increased the opportunities for families to take a vacation or visit relatives in Asia. At the same time, overseas travel with children brings its own checklist of things to do to ensure that families can travel safely and enjoy their travel with minimum headaches. The following are some major issues that, when addressed, will make the process go much more smoothly.

Lowest Fares on Overseas Travel-Children and PassportsPassport Requirements

Unlike adults, children can grow out of clothes quickly in just a few years. The same is true of facial features. That’s why the State Department requires children’s passports to be renewed much more frequently. While adults over age 16 can renew every 10 years, children must renew theirs every five years.

In addition, while many travelers can renew U.S. passports by mail, minors under age 16 must appear in person. Additional necessary documentation includes:

  1. Form DS-11 which is the standard passport application form.
  2. Evidence that the child is a U.S. citizen including a certified birth certificate or a prior passport.
  3. Proof of the relationship between the child and parents or legal guardian, which can be the same birth certificate if both parents are named, an adoption decree or court orders establishing guardianship.
  4. Identification of parents that can be in the form of a valid license, previously issued passport or current government or military ID.
  5. Photocopies of documentation from step four to be provided to State Department officials.
  6. Consent of parents either by appearing for the application or forms signed by guardians who are unable to appear in person.

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9 Reasons Tokyo Is Asia’s Most Popular Tourist Destination

Tokyo, Asia's most popular destinationTokyo is an always thriving city that offers visitors two diametrically opposed glimpses into the ever-fascinating country of Japan: the super high-tech and seemingly sleepless world that Japan is so often associated with, and the country’s traditional and feudalistic past.

It’s no wonder that CNBC recently reported that Tokyo is currently the top tourist destination in all of Asia. The following nine reasons explain why we couldn’t agree more.

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5 Reasons A Malaysia Vacation Should Be On Your Bucket List

Malaysia vacationAsk anyone who has traveled to Malaysia: It’s home to some of the most unbelievably stunning and undiscovered spots in all of Southeast Asia. Sure, Malaysia boasts any number of fascinating tourist attractions, but it also has more than a few surprises up its proverbial sleeve that most visitors simply don’t expect to find. What’s more, Malaysia has an especially vibrant culture, exceedingly friendly locals, incredible food, and world-class shopping centers. And that’s just for starters.  

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7 Priceless Hong Kong Travel Tips

Hong Kong travel tips

A busy day in Hong Kong

There’s no doubt that for those of us who are coming from the Western part of the world, paying a visit to the Far East is one of the rarest and most rewarding opportunities of a lifetime.

And that’s exactly why you should give yourself a fair amount of time to organize your trip and figure out a plan of attack, so to speak, before making your way to somewhere like Hong Kong.

Sure, you may have seen the pictures, read the articles, and even watched the videos from folks who’ve told you that traveling abroad is easy. And it certainly can be! But every person’s overseas experience is different, and that’s doubly true if you happen to be heading abroad for the very first time.

We’ve gathered a handful of crucial travel planning tips here for those of you who are heading to Hong Kong for the first time. Read ‘em, print ‘em out … and have a blast in the former British colony that’s known alternately as the Asia’s World City and the Pearl of the Orient.

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Giant Buddhas of Thailand

Traveling to Thailand Venerating the founder of Buddhism plays a key role in the spiritual life of many Thais, and as such monuments are found throughout the country. However, due to the key role the religion plays these are not the size of a crucifix in a Catholic church or many other statues in America. Rather, some of these can range in size to more than 100 feet. No matter where you plan on vacationing when you visit Thailand, there are likely to be giant Buddhas worth visiting.

Wat Pho and the Reclining Buddha

Wat Pho was the sight of the first university in Thailand and the entire site in Bangkok is worth checking out, being that the statute of the Reclining Buddha is one of the largest in the capital, as is the entire temple complex itself. It measures more than 150 feet long, all of it with gold leaf. However, while many visitors who plan travel to Thailand just take pictures of the statue itself, the temple is also a great place to check out.

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The 12 Best Hostels in China

Finding cheap fares from the United States to Far East destinations like China has always been something of a hassle. Indeed, for the budget-minded backpacker hoping to see Asia on a shoestring, airfare has always been the most significant financial hurdle.

best hostels in chinaBut thanks to cost-effective carriers like Asiana Airlines and flight aggregators like SkyStub, flying from the U.S. to China isn’t nearly as expensive as you’d probably expect.

If you’re already thinking about booking a cheap flight to China, head over to SkyStub’s booking engine and have a look for yourself.

And once you’ve made it to the Middle Kingdom? Finding an affordable place to hang your hat each night will definitely be one of the smartest ways to stretch your budget.

China, after all, has become an incredibly popular destination for students and other financially-strapped backpackers over the past decade or so. As a result, budget guesthouses and bunk bed-style youth hostels have begun popping up even in some of the country’s lesser-visited locales.

Keep reading to learn about some of the very best backpacker hot spots in the county today.

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Why SkyStub’s Booking Engine Is the Best!

Cheap Flights to Hong Kong - SkyStubYou’ve reached the first step and made the decision to visit Asia. Congratulations, it’s a big decision! But whether you’re an experienced traveler or new to flying, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as you begin to organize your trip. You’ll need to get a passport, figure out visas, exchange currency and develop an itinerary (if you’re the planning type, that is!)

But one of the most intimidating and often frustrating parts of travel is purchasing your tickets. At Skystub®, we want to make that experience easier and simpler. We want to be a trusted resource for your long-haul Asia airfares.

Traditionally, flights to Asia are expensive. It doesn’t help that there are hundreds of sites competing for your business, trying to market flights, hotels and “exclusive” deals. If you’ve shopped for flights before, you’ve probably been flustered by confusing interfaces, continually fluctuating prices and unclear fine print. That’s why SkyStub® has created a simple, intuitive booking process designed to help you easily book your flight. Our customers looks to our booking system for the most competitive airfare prices to countries like Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, China and more. Whether you want to see Bangkok or Seoul, we wanted to make this process as stress free as possible.

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Experiences in Korea: Temple Stays

Traveling to Korea- Visiting TemplesWhen planning to travel to Korea, or to any country, you always want to avoid the kitschy, “touristy” areas in favor of a more authentic experience. Planning an authentic tour is hard, however, unless you already know a lot about the area’s culture. Is this tour really highlighting the most important sights of Korean history, or just showing things that tourists like to see? Does this restaurant offer real Korean food, or a cheap imitation of it?

If authenticity is what you seek, consider a stay at one of South Korea’s Buddhist temples. Temple stays put visitors directly in touch with Korean Buddhism’s proud 1700 year history. Through interactions with monks and tours of the temple sites, you’ll be right in the heart of the peninsula’s culture.

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The Terracotta Warriors of China

Traveling to China - Terracotta WarriorsAs you begin planning your upcoming trip to the People’s Republic of China, there are a few crucial steps you’ll need to take. Get your passport and visas, research flights and buy your tickets to China. But before you start packing your luggage and exchanging currency, you’ll want to decide on your perfect itinerary. Start planning where in this beautiful, dynamic nation you’d like to visit. One of the most popular and fascinating destinations resides in the bustling city of Xi’an (population 8.5 million) — home to one of the most visited UNESCO World Heritage sites in the country. Each year, millions of people fly to China to visit one of the most striking man-made marvels in the world.

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Top Sights in Seoul

Traveling to Seoul KoreaSouth Korea’s capital city has roughly as many people as New York City and yet it manages to mix the modernity of tech giants like Samsung and LG with a history and architecture that traces its roots more than two millennia back. Travelers who truly want to enjoy their stay when they visit Korea should try to incorporate elements from the modern and the medieval to see how a culture can stay true to itself century over century. Here are some sights that tick one or the other of those boxes.

Gyeongbok Palace

In partial ruins, travelers who are looking to travel to Korea still need to consider Gyeongbokgung, or Gyeongbuk Palace, priority one if they have any interest in South Korean history. It is the grandest example of a royal residence in the country and traces its beginnings to the late 14th century. The entire facility included several thousand rooms and while just under half of it has been restored, the architecture is still impressive regardless of whether or not travelers can see inside some of the buildings.

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